Poor “sportsMANship” in MtG

Henceforth, I consciously move away from the phrase  “good sportsMANship,” in favor of “good & fair conduct.” With ever-growing inclusion of players who may not identify as “men,” the former phrase unintentionally excludes some groups from important conversations. Our culture already replace “postman” with “postal worker.” The stage fills with “actors,” with fewer “actresses,” too.... Continue Reading →

Magic: the True Gathering

“Vigilance” represents more than an evergreen keyword ability. It demands our constant evaluation and introspection of life. What I write next held true decades ago, too: we brace ourselves against volatile economics, militant tyrants, and civil inequalities. Hopefully, future generations unchain themselves from such social ills, and assign our current challenges to history books. I... Continue Reading →

Physiology and Psychology of MtG

Factor an opponent’s emotional state while gaming. Their wide grin signals trouble. Likewise, depressed shoulders or frowns could suggest yet another irrelevant card. We needn’t hold doctoral degrees, like Ekman, to identity happy or sad emotions. What do we do with this information, though?

Pauper (Wild) Heroes

Two Magic: the Gathering friends share similar deck building questions.   @OrcsHeadJordan tries a green/red heroic build in pauper, but wants feedback on synergies. @GemOfMagic wonders if an older tri-colored heroic needs revisiting. With my deck list, I hope to satisfy my peers on Twitter, and my children at home. Since its debut in the 2013,... Continue Reading →

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